New Instagram Features

3 New Instagram Features For Your Brand


3 New Instagram Features For Your Brand


In the World of Social Media it’s virtually (no pun intended) impossible to stay on top of all the little changes, additions, and tweaks that happen across all of the major networks. They just happen way to quickly and quite frankly, there are way too many of them to keep track of every little thing.

But for brands and social media marketers alike, it’s a must. Especially if you want to be the best. Out-ranking your competitors in terms of social engagement and brand equity is an ongoing, never-ending battle that only gets more difficult as technology advances and consumer demand increases.

Despite what can be initially said about all of these additions, changes, and the effort required to stay on top of them all, there is always a silver lining behind them. Simply put, they’re new ways, options, and alternatives to get your brand in front of an audience and engage with your followers.

Half of the battle is knowing what’s available at your dispose as a marketer. The other, more challenging half if you ask me, is knowing what to do with these new features and knowing how you can utilize them. In other words, knowing how to turn all the ‘madness’ (let’s call it that), into effective marketing that can and will help you “lead the race” and positively impact your ROI.

Here are 3 new Instagram features that have been recently released publicly and how you can use them for your own marketing efforts:

1. Saving photos to your profile 

You may (or may not) have noticed a little ribbon-like icon on your profile page next to the “Photos of You” tab. This new tab on your profile page is where pictures you “save” will show up and appear. And just in case you’re wondering, only you will have access to these saved photos.

Instagram will allow you to save any and all posts that you come across on your daily Insta activity (or creep, if you call it that). To do this, it’s super simple which is one of the reasons why I love this new addition personally. It’s something that doesn’t take away from the UX at all and doesn’t make it a challenging feat to get used to. To save a post, all you have to do is click the ribbon-like icon on user’s/profile’s photos you come across that you want to save and look at later.

insta-feature-save-photos new instagram featuresPhoto sourced from: @BruhaExclusive

For those of you, myself included, who curate user-generated content for your daily, weekly or monthly posting, this is a great way to keep tabs on images you’d like to re-post. On top of that, being able to save these photos and come back to them at a later time, is a great way to source some inspiration and motivation for future posts and even strategy (regardless if you’re into user-generated content or not).


Insta save new instagram featuresPhoto sourced from: @BruhaExclusive

2. Replying within comments 

For brands and influencers alike who get flooded with hundreds and hundreds of likes and comments on posts, this one’s for you. Long gone are the days when you had to continuously scroll through all of the comments to re-read them and make sure you were replying to the right person, with the right context.

Now, replying to your followers (or comments from non-followers) is easier than ever. All you have to do is click the “reply” button that shows up underneath the comment and that will automatically prompt the account’s handle.

3 new instagram features

Not only will this save you a lot of time (and headaches), it also makes it a lot easier to re-engage with your followers and spark some conversation. It is “social” media after all, just remember that.

3. Liking post comments

Last but not least, Instagram has recently released the ability to ‘like’ post comments much like you would on Facebook or even Twitter for comparison.

In my opinion, this is a good move on their end. Anytime you have the ability to engage with users who are interested in your account and what your brand has to offer, it’s a good thing.

The only thing I question about this move would be Instagram’s/Facebook’s real motive behind this. Is it so that brands and users have more means to stay connected to one another? Or is this another play for them to boost their advertising platform and make it seem that much more attractive to brands?

Regardless, the one thing for certain is that it does present an opportunity for brands to stay connected to their followers and re-engage with them.

Kristian is an Entrepreneur and marketing professional who has a passion for connecting with brands and people. Kristian is the Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Brüha, and online event discovery and ticketing platform. He is also the Co-Founder & President of Startups In Canada, an online directory and resource for Canadian startups.